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is optimized to improve your cash flow and save you
valuable time managing your receivables, so you can
spend more time with your customers!

1) You Send Us Your Tickets or Invoices

As you complete work for your customers, those tickets (or invoices) can be submitted to us for processing. Some merchants send those to us by fax, and others send them electronically. We can be accommodating to streamline your process in whatever way is easiest for you!

2) You Get Paid Within 2-3 Business Days

Within two business days of receiving your tickets (or invoices), our team reviews those to make sure we have the information we need and then we pay you for that job automatically. We deduct our processing fee and a small reserve from your customer's total and deposit the rest directly into your business' checking account. You'll also receive reports that list all of the transactions for your records.

And now your part is done!

We take care of the rest from here.

3) We Mail Monthly Statements

At the end of each month, our team assembles and mails professional looking statements, branded with your business logo, to all of your customers so that they can pay us back.  We use post office boxes to collect payments and apply them to your customers' statements as they get returned.

4) We Handle All the Follow-Up

Our friendly account managers handle all the necessary follow-up with professional courtesy calls to your customers as needed. We follow your policies and can be trained to communicate with your customers the same way you would. All communications are documented and provided to you for review, so that you are always in the loop on what is happening with your receivables.

5) You Receive Monthly Reports

Our account managers will communicate with you each month with Accounts Receivable reports so you know who is paying and who may be getting behind. Your business gets the opportunity to provide input on who might need a follow-up and who should get more time to pay their bills. 

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